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Nautilus Trans Hair is the world first imaging system capable of 3D computer-generated hairs!

Show your patients, on screen, how they would be guided from their current appearance to a hair restoration outcome. Give them realistic information about what is feasible and what is not.
Being able to show your client what their hair will look like post-restoration is important, as they can really get a feel for how they will look in the future. It also means that they can get a realistic idea using modern technology, rather than conjuring mental images of the end result that may not match the reality of the treatment's effectiveness. This is an important step forward in approaches to hair loss, using the same modern technology people use for everything from medical advances to checking http://www.aviva.co.uk/life/ , and impress your patients with its use. It also means you can plan the visual end results for your own benefit, and be able to work towards an end image of the client's hair that is easy to take a look at in all three dimensions.

Get more benefits by gaining a greater sense of patients expectations.

  • Front, Left, Top and Custom views
  • Model in one view - See changes in all views
  • Color/Orientation/Thickness matching
  • Hair type/Length selection
  • Real size automated measurement
  • Multilayer graphic format
  • Hair restoration graphic tools
  • Easy patient information storage and retrieval
  • Searchable database

Now with Nautilus TransHair you can simulate the hair restoration process step-by-step:

  • Select the recipient site areas
  • Measure and calculate recipient site areas
  • Take an example of patient hair
  • Select the hair type, thickness and length
  • Select the hairgrowth orientation
  • Select the amount of the grafts and the graft dimensions for the main recipient areas
  • Select the amount of the grafts and the graft dimensions for the front hair line
  • Demonstrate 3D hair restoration outcome and correct it in seconds


No computer experts are needed to set up Nautilus TransHair or a entire Imaging Computer System.

All our products are easy to use, with a step-by-step manual, and a comprehensive on-line Help System.

Also, we offer free technical and operational support by phone or e-mail for the first year.

With one key stroke you can simulate all the realities you need!

Nautilus TransHair - $ 1,395.00

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